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Hello, resourceful writer! If you're looking for an easier, more productive way to self-edit your manuscript, you've come to the right place! 

At The Self-Edited Writer, we provide the tools, training, cheat sheets, and encouragement to help you take your writing projects from "Okay" to "Oh, yes!"

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the benefits of Self-editing

Becoming a Competent Self-Editor will help you:

Reduce editing cost and time

If an editor or proofreader charges by the word or page, self-editing can save you money by reducing repetition, redundancy, and filler words. Self-editing, when done well, also decreases the amount of time editing requires. 

Improve your writing skills

Writing and editing skills are naturally intertwined, and both come from knowledge of the guidelines. A reliable grasp of grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure is a valuable tool, along with a well-stocked vocabulary. 

Self-publish with confidence

If you choose to self-publish, you may be able to skip hiring an editor, although I recommend using a beta reader or proofreader to provide objectivity. They may catch errors you overlook due to your familiarity with the manuscript.

Delight your readers

Readers love a well-edited book and often transform into steadfast fans who eagerly await your next creation. Happy readers also tend to offer positive reviews and share their enthusiasm for your work with others. 

Hello, I'm Sandi

I'm the Editor in Residence at Self-Edited Writer. As a professional editor for more than twenty years, I've learned a few things about the craft of writing and the art of editing.

Although I have a solid background in the "rules" of grammar and sentence structure, my focus is on the stories writers tell and the ideas they share. I delight in helping writers develop the skills, confidence, and creativity to self-edit their work so their individuality and style shine through. 

What do clients say about me?

Betty Auchard


"I've worked with five editors on various projects, and none of them match Sandi's skill, knowledge, and cooperative style. She does more than edit; she works with the author."

Scott Franko


"Sandi is a wonderfully talented editor. Her contribution to this book was tremendous, and I thank her beyond what words can describe."