Self-Edit with Confidence

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Hello! I'm  Sandi.

Words are my passion, something I inherited from my paternal grandmother, an English teacher. I've also learned a few things about the craft of writing and art of editing after working as a professional editor for more than twenty years. But while I've memorized a lot of rules, I've also come to understand that personal style (the writer's voice) might be just as important as grammar and sentence structure. 

Perhaps it's my background as a counselor that helps me focus more on the writer's message than on the rulebook. After earning an MS in guidance and counseling and working in that arena, I appreciate the uniqueness of each individual, the stories we tell, and the ideas we feel compelled to share through our writing.

Now I'd like to share my ideas and expertise about self-editing with you. So use the signup form above and get started! But don't toss that style manual out the window yet. You still have to make it easy for the reader to understand your message. I'll help you hone in on the most important points and create a final manuscript you'll be proud to publish.

In my writing career I've worked with five editors on various projects, and none on them match Sandi's skill, knowledge and cooperative style. She does more than edit, she works "with" the author.

Betty Auchard

Sandi is a wonderfully talented editor. Her contribution to this book was tremendous, and I thank her beyond what words can describe.

Scott Franko